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Irene (Irah) Belaga began her graduate work in psychology in 1998, which included the study of mindfulness meditation and its healing effects on headaches and anxiety disorders. In 2003, Irah went on to study the neuronal pathways of transcendental meditation and the brain mapping of “feeling at one with the universe.” It is at this time that Dr. Belaga was introduced to yoga and began to explore the symbiotic links between yoga, the meditative process and psychology. She has maintained a personal meditation and yoga practice since that time and went on to use meditation techniques in interpersonal skills groups, anxiety treatment and while working in hospitals and mental health clinics. Throughout her training and work, the importance of developing and sustaining a healthy lifestyle has remained paramount to healthy emotional functioning. In 2005 she became a Licensed Psychologist, in 2010, a Certified Yoga Teacher and in April, 2014, a Hippocrates Health Educator, enabling her to teach others about the benefits of organic plant based living.

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