My first visits


Level One


Your introduction to the MindHolistic Program begins with Level One and consists of four Signature Series sessions with Dr. Belaga, approximately two hours in duration each. Services include: a psychology evaluation, a personalized meditation introduction, a discussion about your food lifestyle and its relationship to your emotional well-being and a yoga evaluation to support your developing meditation practice and psychological needs. These four modalities are weaved together within each of the four sessions to promote your own unique strengths and goals. No two protocols are the same. All services are available in the comfort of your home and virtually. If desired, we will work closely with your nutritionist and medical doctor to ensure an integrative approach.


During your fourth Signature Session, detailed recommendations will be made pertaining to your continued psychological, meditative, yogic and food lifestyle development. At this time, you will be offered a comprehensive plan of action to help you gradually integrate psychological work, meditation, yoga and a healthy food lifestyle into your daily routine. Suggestions made by your medical doctor and nutritionist can also be integrated at this time.


You have several scheduling options depending upon how quickly you would like to progress through Level One. It can be completed in just two days or within a month's time. Please wear or bring comfortable clothes as you will be invited to sit in meditative and yogic postures. No experience is necessary. Sometimes the most transformative moments in meditation and yoga occur with the least amount of experience.


Scheduling Options


                         Completed in two days: Two sessions per day

                         Completed in one week: One session per day

                         Completed in two weeks: Two sessions per week

                         Completed in one month: One session per week


Are you from out of town? No problem. You can choose from a variety of lovely hotels in the area, stay as long as you'd like and choose the package that works best for you. Since we're near the Florida coast, you may find that time by the ocean will be a natural complement to our services. Please feel free to explore accommodations and schedule your appointment.