What can I expect? Working with Dr. Belaga


As a licensed psychologist, I have spent thousands of hours with patients exploring the complex workings of their individual minds as it relates to life crises and various psychological struggles. The conversation usually begins with reported difficulties and best psychological approaches to healing and extends to a discussion about their unique strengths and how those strengths can enhance emotional growth. During the process of therapy, the conversation also broadens to include a detailed account of eating habits, exercise regimens and meditative practices, all interacting and informing complete emotional, cognitive and behavioral health as detailed in the research section. While interesting and scientifically sound techniques continue to develop in promotion of psychological improvement, I find consistently that the most meaningful change occurs as the relationship between a patient and psychologist grows and deepens, often first paralleling and then paralleled by the relationships the patient fosters outside of therapy. The connections that we develop with one another are marvelously complex and as challenging as they may be, can be equally curative. Ultimately, what evolves in the therapeutic relationship is your ability to explore and expand your own psyche and your own world. It is at this point that you surpass the therapeutic process. It is at this point that you become your own guide.


Few of us can say that we never struggle emotionally in our lives, however emotional health can no longer be defined as the ability to suppress our reactions to environmental stressors in order to merely maintain daily responsibilities and our status quo. It’s time to get honest with ourselves and one another about the true quality of our lives. Who are you, truly, deep within? What is your role in the world around you? Allowing the answers to these questions to unfold slowly may be the very thing that ignites your greatest journey yet. Sitting with the uncertainty, while perhaps a bit uncomfortable, can present the most profound opportunity for awakening.


MindHolistic’s approach to emotional health is not based solely on symptom reduction and increased moments of happiness, but one that integrates improvement of your emotional well-being and your lifestyle, a deepened state of awareness and a greater connection to the world at large. What is indispensable is the consistent exploration and development of self-awareness through psychological introspection and meditation and, likewise, exercising and eating mindfully.


You do not need to be in serious emotional distress to join MindHolistic. A desire to improve your emotional health and lifestyle is enough. If you are diagnosed with a psychological condition or feel that you may need psychological treatment, evaluation and treatment will be provided accordingly. Nutritionist and medical doctor referrals can be made in order to address your nutritional and medical needs if you do not already have providers with whom you work. If you do, we are happy to integrate their recommendations regarding any dietary needs or suggestions.


Since the way we nourish our bodies is critical to our overall well-being, MindHolistic offers wellness coaching that integrates educational material available about organic living food. Learning about emotional health as supported by nourishing foods is an exciting element of this program. Becoming mindful of the foods and beverages that we ingest is indispensible to cultivating the necessary internal space for personal awakening. The extent to which you integrate food changes based on the education provided remains completely up to you and your trusted doctors and health practitioners. The goal of MindHolistic is to remove barriers to increasing your intake of organic fruits and vegetables to the degree you find appropriate. The dietary suggestions made by your private medical provider and nutritionist will be supported and complemented by MindHolistic. We are proud of our ability to work with your health providers, both traditional and alternative.